The 2022 SQL Freedom Course

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  • Your First Program
  • Welcome, Setups, Tours and More..
    Welcome and What We Will Be Covering [What This Course is All About!]
    The Course Story:
    Download And Install FlySpeed Query Tool
    The DBMS Used In This Course
    sample_shop [sqlite database]
    A Quick Tour of Flyspeed Query Tools Interface3:09
    How To Connect To A Database2:33
    Understanding the Sample Tables:
    The Vendors Table
    The Products Table
    The Customers Table
    The Orders Table
    Order Items Table
  • Intro To Visual Query Building
    Getting Your feet Wet !
    How To Build A Simple SQL Query - Visually6:10
    How To Select Multiple Columns From A Single Table3:10
    How To Remove All Duplicates From Your Data1:28
    Understanding Sorting
    Understanding Multi Column Sort
    How To sort Data in a Table in Ascending and Descending Order2:39
    How To Add Limits And Offset To Your Output1:47
  • The Data Filter Toolbar
    Understanding the Data Filter Toolbar
    Filtering Rows - [Visually] - 012:47
    Filtering Rows - [Visually] - 01 - integrating the filter2:43
    Filtering Rows - [Visually] - 023:17
    Filtering Rows - [Visually] - 032:30
    Filtering Rows - [Visually] - 041:15
    Filtering Rows - [Visually] - 053:07
  • The Mechanism Of An Inner Join.
    What's an inner-join? And why do we need them so badly when working inside a database?
    how do we join tables - which all belong together, anyway?
    Lets Inner-join 2 tables -Manually!
    inner-join-bonus-course sample database
    A Quick Video To Show You The Same Process Inside Flyspeed0:49
  • Creating Inner-Joins Visually!
    All about Inner-Joins
    Creating An Inner Join Visually Using Flyspeed Query Tool - 012:47
    Creating An Inner Join Visually Using Flyspeed Query Tool - 022:35
    Creating An Inner Join Visually Using Flyspeed Query Tool - 034:32
  • Understanding Aggregate Functions -[Summarizing Your Data]
    Summaries Rock!
    What Are Aggregate Functions?
    A Closer Look At How Aggregate Functions Work
    Creating Aggregate Functions - Visually- 010:34
    Creating Aggregate Functions - Visually- 021:12
    Aggregate Functions - Challenge- 011:02
    Challenge - 01 [Solution-code]
    Aggregate Functions - Challenge - 020:19
    Challenge - 02 [Solution Code]
    Aggregate Functions - Challenge- 030:23
    Challenge - 03 [Solution Code]
    Aggregate Functions - Challenge - 040:50
    Challenge - 04 [Solution Code]
  • Grouping Data
    Man! This is the chapter you should be proud conquering!
    The Mechanism Of Grouping - A Deep Dive Into What’s Happening Under The Hood
    Working With Grouping - Visually- 011:50
    Working With Grouping - Visually- 021:39
    Working With Grouping - Challenge- 010:48
    Challenge - 01 [Solution Code]
    Working With Grouping - Challenge- 021:36
    Challenge - 02 [Solution Code]
    Working With Grouping - Challenge- 030:41
    Challenge - 03 [Solution Code]
  • The date Filter
    The date filter
    Preparing To Use Date Filters
    Working With Date-Filters - 012:19
    Working With Date-Filters -021:54
    Date Filter - Challenge- 010:55
    Challenge - 01 [Solution-code]
  • Some Bonus Flyspeed Tips!
    How To Execute the Same SQL Query On Different Databases Instantly!2:12

This 1-Hour Course Will Teach You How to Automatically Generate Any SQL Query for Your Projects


Sanjeev Krishna | SequelBytes
For the past 10 years, he's been coding with PHP and SQL. He also coaches people on how to write SQL queries. Sanjeev started by coaching his clients who ran PHP/WordPress-based eCommerce shops and had varied needs to query their data.


This course is for anyone who's having difficulty writing SQL queries using the traditional 'code-based' method prevalent everywhere. Imagine being able to create SQL queries without writing any code. You simply interact with your data and the software builds the code for you in the background. It’s so simple, that you'll wish you had your hands on this training methodology earlier, to start using SQL everywhere.

It's a system that follows a path of tiny increments, instead of creating yet another mountain of information that goes nowhere. Every topic is de-constructed into itty-bitty steps that are easy to understand. It allows the student to not just learn, but to retain and easily implement any of the data-driven strategies and tactics.

  • Access 18 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Create SQL queries without writing any code
  • Let the software build the code for you in the background
  • Slice & dice your data in a drag-and-drop way
  • Understand aggregate functions
  • Get some bonus flyspeed tips


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  • Access options: desktop & mobile
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  • Experience level required: all levels
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