Python Master Class: Complete Python Programming With Projects

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  • Get Started - Installing Python
    Installing Python on Windows5:27
    Different Methods To Execute Python Codes6:59
    Python help() - Python Documentation3:48
  • Writing Our First Python Program
    Variables and Python Memory Management4:20
  • Datatypes in Python
    Datatypes in Python7:44
    Sequences in Python12:33
    Installing IDE (Integrated Development Environment)7:55
    Sets, Dictionary6:48
    Literals and Identifiers4:56
    Reserve Words - You Cann't Use Them!1:34
  • Operators in Python
    Operators: Arithmetic, Assignment8:12
    Operators: Unary Minus, Relational, Logical, Boolean8:52
    Understanding Escape Characters6:22
  • Input and Output
    Introduction to Input and Output Statements1:57
    Output Statements11:40
    Input Statements4:25
    Python Built-in Functions and Built-in Module7:34
  • Python Control Statements
    Conditionals: If, If ... Else and Indentation5:38
    Conditionals: If ... Else Statements With Operators9:39
    Conditionals: if... elif ... else Statements + Nested if Statements3:35
  • Loops In Python
    While Loop9:15
    For Loops - Part 13:27
    For Loops - Part 25:57
    Break and Continue Statements6:34
  • Strings and Characters
    Comments and Doc Strings4:59
    Diving Deep With "Strings"12:56
  • Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries
    Diving Deep - List11:15
    Diving Deep - Tuples6:51
    Diving Deep - Dictionaries7:52
    Indexing, Slicing, Negative Indexing10:11
  • Functions
    What are Functions?4:20
    Parameters, Arguments, Return7:35
    Formal and Actual Arguments (arg, arg, * karg)3:38
    Local and Global Variables8:38
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP)9:10
    Classes and Objects in Python (OOP)9:28
    Understanding init() Method and 'self ' Parameter9:54
    Solving Task: OOPS7:33
    Defining Multiple Constructors in Python?4:40
    Public And Private Methods4:45
    Getter and Setter8:45
    Creating And Importing Module6:09
    Creating User Defined Module5:20
    Multiple Inheritance5:21
    Understanding super() Function [Part 1]2:24
    Understanding super() Function [Part 2]4:02
    Python Naming Convention (Classes, Variables, Functions, Methods ...)2:59
    Abstract Classes6:06
    Discussing Over import And from1:59
    Operator Overloading [Part 1]5:58
    Operator Overloading [Part 2]5:03
  • Errors And Exceptions Handling
    Errors - Types of Errors!6:19
    Exceptions Handling Introduction2:29
    Exceptions Handling8:31
    Try, Except, Else And Finally3:29
    Raising Exception3:54
    Creating User Defined Exception3:07
  • name == "main"
    if name == " main "4:53
  • Python I/O - File Handling
    Creating Text File And Write Content7:55
    Appending Files | Solving Example - File Handling3:46
    How To Read Content From A File8:24
  • Python Package Management System
    pip - PyPI for Managing Python packages9:15
  • Project - Face Detection
    What is OpenCV?3:44
    OpenCV Face Detection With Python7:34
    Detecting 'Elon Musk' And 'Mark Zuckerberg' Faces2:33
    OpenCV Face Detection - Project Code
    Detecting Faces Of All Images In The Folder6:19
  • Project - Video Downloader
    PyPi - Pytube Introduction1:50
    Video Downloader - Part 15:39
    Video Downloader - Part 26:54
    Complete Playlist Downloader3:00
  • Data Analysis With Pandas
    What is Pandas?5:52
    Starting With Pandas And iPython10:41
    Working with Jupyter Notebooks3:37
    Important Jupyter Notebook Commands6:53
    Working with CSV, Excel, TXT and JSON Files8:28
    Working with API Response3:00
    Indexing and Slicing Dataframe Tables [Part 1]5:12
    Indexing and Slicing Dataframe Tables [Part 2]3:26
    Deleting Columns and Rows3:41
    Adding and Updating new Columns and Rows6:34
  • Project - Automated Twitter Bot
    Section Introduction0:59
    Creating App and Generation Access Tokens3:47
    Creating App and Generation Access Tokens2:05
    Installing Tweepy2:04
    Update Status Through Bot3:17
    Introduction To Auto-Reply1:13
    Working With Timeline and Mentions5:45
    Iterate Tweets And Add Condition3:25
    Storing Replied Tweet ID's5:33
    Storing-Accessing Last Seen ID3:55
    Replying Tweet5:09
    Formatting Function and Testing Bot3:20
    Auto Retweet and Auto Like4:42
    Setting-up PythonAnyWhere4:49
    Deployment Done Along Testing3:32
    Auto Retweet To Particular Hashtag4:52
    Implementing Error Handling And Testing Bot4:12
  • Python 3 Cheatsheet
    Python 3 Cheatsheet

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learning Python

Shubham Sarda


Shubham Sarda is a software developer and digital marketer working as a freelancer on different marketplaces. He's among the top 700 freelancers on multiple platforms and has completed over 2,000 projects on Fiverr, PPH, and more.


Python is a general-purpose programming language that is used in a wide variety of industries and is considered one of the most valuable first languages to learn. In this extensive course, you'll get up to speed with all of the most important concepts in the latest version, Python 3.7.

  • Access 104 lectures & 9 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn the basics of Python programming
  • Discuss Python operators, conditionals & if statements
  • Dive into object-oriented programming
  • Explore Python data structures in-depth
  • Gain an understanding of the basics of databases & work w/ SQLite 3
  • Perform data analysis w/ Pandas


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