Metaverse Essentials Course

8 Hours
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  • Your First Program
  • Introduction
  • Before Your Start
    What exactly is an NFT?4:50
    What is blockchain in simple words?6:01
    NFT History Timeline3:41
    What Are Smart Contracts?
    How to Open MetaMask in Chrome7:35
  • The Training
    What Is the Concept of the Multiverse?4:12
    Exploring The Meta (Facebook) MultiVerse And Buying A Virtual Apartment48:54
    What Exactly Is the Metaverse?5:03
    What Is Web 3.0? (What Is the Difference Between Web 1, 2 and 3)?4:45
    Web 3 Gaming14:47
    What Are Play To Earn Crypto Games4:56
    Virtual Reality7:58
    What is augmented reality in simple words4:37
    What exactly is mixed reality?4:11
    What Is XR Technology1:48
  • EXTRA CONTENT 1: Decentraland
    How is Decentraland different from Second Life4:22
    How do you get to Decentraland?4:39
    How to play Decentraland7:59
    How to buy land in Decentraland6:36
  • EXTRA CONTENT 2: The Sandbox Game Metaverse
    What is The Sandbox in metaverse?5:25
    How to Install the Sandbox Game Maker8:34
    How To Install The Sandbox Game VoxEdit NFT Creator Software2:12
    The Sandbox Game Voxedit Overview6:23
  • EXTRA CONTENT 3: Axie Infinity
    What do you know about Axie Infinity5:27
    Axie Users2:50
    How do I create a Ronin account6:50
    What Is An Axie Creature?1:13
    What Are Stats in Axie Infinity3:06
    What Are Axie Classes?1:35
    Axie Body Parts List2:23
    What are Axie cards?2:18
    What Does PVP And PVP Mean?1:50
    What Is SLP (Smooth Love Potion)?1:37
    What Is AXS (Axie Infinity Shards)?2:08
    What Is MMR (Matchmaking Ranking) in Axie Infinity0:33
    How To Earn Money Playing Axie Infinity0:46
    Decide On Your 3 Axies3:40
    How To Buy ETH9:32
    Send ETH From Your MetaMask Wallet To Your Ronin Wallet4:23
    Buy 3 Axies And Install The Game9:35
  • EXTRA CONTENT 4: Town Star
    How Do You Create a Gala Games Account to Play Town Star?1:49
  • Extra Content 5: Rec Room
    How Do I Install Rec Room on My Computer3:09
    Download And Install Rec Room VR On Oculus Quest 26:26
    How To Customize Your Avatar In Rec Room9:30
    Rec Room Orientation13:52
    How To Create 3D Objects In Rec Room using the Maker Pen22:49
  • EXTRA CONTENT 6: Artificial Intelligence (Ai) And Machine Learning
    Is the Metaverse Based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning3:43
    What is WOMBO Dream?2:27
    How Do You Animate Still Images With Deep Learning2:41
    How To Download & Install The WEB 3 STEPN NFT App - Move To Earn Solana Sol App1:45
    How To Get A STEPN Activation Code (Quick And Easy Methods!)4:38
    How I Got My STEPN Activation Code (Muted)41:03
    How To Do A STEPN NFT Sneakers Research On The STEPN Shoes Marketplace7:51
  • Questions And Answers
    What is gas fee in blockchain8:30
    What Is a Smart Contract and How Does It Work?8:27
    What Is Meant by the Term Hashing?4:11
    What Is WebXR?5:21
    What Is Three.js?3:28
    Is WebXR supported in iOS?3:18
    Is WebXR compatible with Android?1:47
    What are the main benefits of WebXR?2:46
    How To Run WebXR On Desktop (WebXR API Emulator Tutorial)4:42
    How To Create 3D NT For The Metaverse With Cinema 4D (C4D Tutorial Example 1)62:56
    How To Create 3D NFT For The Metaverse, List On OpenSea, and Promote50:51
    How To Download And Install Unity5:39
    How to Export A Scene From Cinema4d And Import It To Unity3:41

Everything You Need to Know About Metaverse: NFTs, Blockchain, Multiverse & So Much More!

Amir Rimer

Amir Rimer | Online Instructor & Certified Elementary School Teacher

4.4/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Amir Rimer is a business and marketing online instructor, and a certified elementary school teacher for the past 24 years. He has great interest and enthusiasm in providing knowledge to his learners, especially in the field of marketing.

Amir has published several online courses and videos varying from Online Marketing, Advertisement, Social Media, and many more. He is passionate about teaching his learners and aims to make learning fun and easy.


The Metaverse is a virtual world that combines the best of all worlds: real life and digital spaces. It is a place where you can explore, play, and create anything you can imagine. This course will teach you the basics of what it means to be in the Metaverse and how to use it. You'll learn about blockchain, NFTs, and even multiverses! Even if you've never heard of blockchain or NFTs before, don't worry—you'll learn how they work in this course. And when you finish it? You'll feel more comfortable starting your journey in the Metaverse!

  • Access 68 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand what exactly Metaverse is
  • Learn basic concepts like NFT, Blockchain, & even the Multiverse
  • Know what Web3 technology is
  • Gain some knowledge about Axie Infinity & The Sandbox Game


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  • Experience level required: beginner
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